5 Music Videos To Inspire Fashion Editorials

Thalia Gómez
3 min readFeb 4, 2019

I must confess Pinterest and Youtube are my right and left hands in what respects to backing up ideas. I constantly support my projects with references from other people’s work, sometimes I go to books, classic artists, music, poems movies and so on, but the truth is my daily inspiration comes from these apps and if you’re part of the world we live in I’m sure you feel the same way.

So today I want to share these 5 videos I’ve found surfing around Youtube that evoke a cared sense of fashion because of how their conjugation of composition, sets, performance and color pallets highlight the outfits they show. Every aspect of the videos ends up adding a dimension to how it makes you feel and these 5 in particular triggered me to grab my camera and start creating right away. So here they are!

METRONOMY, THE BAY — By the award winning director David Wilson

It’s all about composition! It’s so creative and well thought, even when the location is completely amazing (and sponsored the whole video), the way it’s done still allows you to focus on the artists and their attires which add a sense of wealthiness and careless glamour to the whole scene. I must add this is just an example of David Wilson’s work, which I highly recommend watching.

SOLANGE, CRANES IN THE SKY — By Alan Ferguson and his wife Solange Knowles

This one is much more centered on the outfits, it’s minimalism and subtle movements doesn’t let your eyes stay away from the clothes, the costumes were actually created by Solange herself with the help of her mother. It’s a beautiful work of art if you ask me. It’s somehow sentimental and peaceful, I appreciate a lot feeling involved in fashion, because the empty glossy plastic shots have been done way too much

PILLAR POINT, DOVE — By Jacob Krupnick

We cannot forget editorial photography is also about telling a story, every shot should say something to the viewer. The body language of this video makes it clear, also the whole environment is communicative, the colors, the streets, the people it all sets a context and makes it feel real. The video is a project from Wild Combination, a creative film studio started by Jacob Krupnick, a director and photographer passioned about dancers, athletes and movement.

I couldn’t leave out the Spanish production Company: CANADA, which work I always find breathtaking and I feel I don’t even have to explain why. What you can see though their projects is always a youth, millennial but yet vintage breeze, kind of made by and for the left-outs. So when producing an indie fashion editorial I think they’re a great reference, and not only their music videos, but also their commercials and films are extremely clean!


I know, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, too obvious and cliché! But we can’t deny how good it is, they exhibit themselves among precious pieces of art that show royalty at the Louvre Museum in Paris. She is and always will be a strong fashion icon, but right in this video I think they went beyond and were more explicit about their glamorous lifestyles, though some people find it ostentatious, I think it’s inspiring how they made it to resemble the most timeless works of art.

👁‍🗨 Bonus

Every single video from COLORS STUDIOS, a beautifully aesthetic music platform that showcases new and original artists from around the world. With a name like that we cannot expect less from the way they handle color pallets, their videos are neat and minimalist, nothing will stop you from staring at the artist’s outfits throughout the whole performance.

Now tell me, what’s your fav? 💬

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