Luis Cobelo Zurumbático (📷 by Thalia Gómez)

Photography, a communicative reflection 👁

As in all arts, photographic content cannot be defined or interpreted objectively, techniques and equipments are just tools or resources used by the photographer in order to create, but to chose one or another will always have a meaning in an artists metaphoric speech, which talks about their own particular interests. This does not necessarily mean they consciously know exactly what the content of a picture stands for, but it’s true that there are some reiterative details in a photographer’s work that we can all notice.

What the hell am I talking about? Well, haven’t you seen a photographer’s work and find something in common in every project they make? What are they trying to communicate with each image they create? Or what does their work in general keep transmitting?

These questions have no generic answer, and that’s exactly what my point is: Photography is a communicative reflection of the photographer’s inner voice. Therefore every picture they take already captured their eye for a reason, which is seeing themselves projected out there.

Self-Portrait (📷 by Thalia Gómez) — Dec/2018

Photography to me started as a sublimation from the act of stealing, which I find very exciting, and this is related to my childhood and my personality development as a kid. With time it has evolve into something else as I’ve grown as well. Now I’ve found a way to interpret women; my most personal projects responds to the question: What is The Woman beyond the female icons and clichés? I want to show how each female person finds her unique way to be her own version of what’s feminine. Because I ask myself this question every single day, what makes me -Thalia Gómez- a woman?

What I’m trying to establish with this is that the photographic work of art mirrors the creator’s inner self.

That being said, I’d like to encourage people, such as artists, art enthusiasts or art appreciators to see through that mirror and ask themselves: Why does this or that keep poping-up? If you are a photographer yourself: What brought you into it? And what keeps you going?



A picture is worth a 1k words, but I always add a couple more. Photographer & Content Creator.

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Thalia Gómez

Thalia Gómez


A picture is worth a 1k words, but I always add a couple more. Photographer & Content Creator.